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Tue, Nov 22


New Age Boutique

GRATITUDE: Resté Immersive Sound Bath Maiden Event!

MAIDEN Immersive Sound Bath Healing Event - GRATITUDE with Resté Sound Healing: René Cosby, Reiki Master & Celeste Barbier, Certified Level II Sound Healer & Pro Vocalist at New Age Boutique in Solana Beach. $50 Prepaid Reservations. Limited Cap! Please Read Important Information in Description.

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GRATITUDE: Resté Immersive Sound Bath Maiden Event!
GRATITUDE: Resté Immersive Sound Bath Maiden Event!

Time & Location

Nov 22, 2022, 7:00 PM

New Age Boutique, 646 Valley Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075, USA

About the event

GRATITUDE: Resté Sound Healing - Immersive Sound Bath Event at New Age Boutique in Solana Beach

This will be our MAIDEN Resté Sound Healing Event hosted by New Age Boutique in Solana Beach, California with your hostess, owner, Belle Benziane. Extremely limited space & capacity.

Reservations are $50 for this event. This must be prepaid in full to Celeste on her Venmo @CelesteBarbierEvents or Paypal

To be clear about the breakdown of the charge of $50 per Reservation.

$30 pp for Sound Healing by Celeste

$10 pp for Reiki Chakra Balancing by René

$10 pp for New Age Boutique Space by Belle

All matter is vibration. Everything vibrates at specific frequencies often beyond our range of hearing. When parts of our bodies are not vibrating at the right frequency we can fall out of balance creating opportunity for disease. Stress can cause the imbalances and exacerbate health issues. Sound healing can create harmony within the body and provide soothing relief from stress.

Celeste Barbier has been a professionally trained vocalist with 30 years of experience and 12 years of professional performance. She was recently certified in Level I & II as a Sound Healer and is working towards her Expert Certification. René Cosby has been a Reiki Master and Holistic Health Practitioner since 2003. Together, we have decided to use our cumulative skills, experience and expertise to provide healing in a group immersive sound healing experience.

Celeste Barbier will be using vocal toning, chanting, spoken affirmation and harmonization techniques while using sound healing vibrational tools & instruments such as her 7 Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls, 528 Hz Miracle DNA Repair Bowl, 19" Gong named "Shakti," 4ft Balinese Rainstick, 4 Koshi Element Chimes, Solar Plexus E Hammered Tibetan Bowl, Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals, and 8" Crystal Singing Pyramid. René will be using her Reiki Master training and tuning forks to align and balance your chakras individually during the session.

What To Wear & Bring - How To Prepare.

  1. Dress comfortably and warm to lay on the floor - pajamas, fitness/yoga clothes are fine!!
  2. Eat a light meal of whole foods at least one hour prior - meat, fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables.
  3. Bring a yoga mat or blanket to lay on, pillows and blankets to be as comfortable and cozy as possible.
  4. Drink purified water or herbal tea before and afterwards only. No caffeine or alcohol. Water & Tea will be made available by the venue.

What To Expect During The Sound Session

  • Celeste will explain some basic science behind vibrational healing and how it works.
  • Celeste will set an intention of GRATITUDE for this event focusing on the Root, Heart & Throat Chakras.
  • Celeste will guide the group through some Heart Chakra breathwork, affirmations and light chanting (not religious chant).
  • Celeste will ask everyone to then lay down comfortably and will commense the sound healing immersive experience for around 45 minutes.
  • René will walk around to each participant as they are lying down armed with a tuning fork and possibly other instruments such as the singing crystal pyramid and/or rainstick she will use to align and balance your chakras individually to open any energy blockages. She will not need to physically touch any particupants, but you will feel her presence and hear her near you at some point so don't be startled.

Disclaimer: Sound healing is not meant to diagnose or treat illnesses. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND ANY SOUND OR VIBRATIONAL HEALING IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY, A PACEMAKER, METAL OR SCREWS INSIDE OF YOUR BODY, AS THIS COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS HEALTH COMPLICATIONS. If this is you & you really want to do this, please get clearance from your doctor!

There are many potential mild "side effects" of vibrational healing that can include active dreams, coughing, yawning, laughing, crying, headaches, tinnitus, etc. You may even feel uncomfortable or tense at times if you have certain blockages, but that should pass. The most common effects though are extreme relaxation, reduced blood pressure, slower heart rate, alleviated depression, improved deep sleep, improved respiratory rates, less pain, and improved general well-being.

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